Your vibe infects everyone around you, everyone you meet, there is a transfer of energy.

Depending on the interaction depends on how much energy is exchange, also it’s not usually balanced with one person emitting more and the other receiving more.

For better or for worse!


To truly win this, we need to evolve, humanity has to evolve.



If we were to simply remove the evil people from the top without a sufficiently evolved population, we will end up in the same situation.

It always comes down to us, as vibe machines, are aura is our greatest power.

When you light a candle in a dark room, the darkness retreats.

When a person illuminates themselves from sincere spiritual development they are then able to anchor a vibe that destroys darkness wherever it goes.


The journey of awakening is not for the faint hearted!



If you are resonating with my words and feel as if you are in this lifetime destined to contribute to the divine war taking place, I hope you are ready for some serious work.

The idea we can only do what feels good, feels off. Shadow work is anything but pleasant and when we get triggered we have to ask, is this something to avoid or face and transmute?

Then when sufficiently we have weeded out the garden, can we begin to water the flowers.

Positively programming ourselves, exploring and enjoying life, having a pep in our step and emanating joy into the world.


It’s a balance, the more shadow we work on, the higher our positive vibe can be and the harder it is to be shaken out of a good vibe.



We often see spiritual bypassing happening in the new age, with blind following of whatever feels good and throwing out the intellect as thinking is bad or something…

Rather the combination of the whole being, holistically evolving, intuition, imagination, intellect and feeling all merging together!

Let’s go spiritual warriors, if not us, then who?

We have work to do.

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