Nacho – One Of Standup X’s Leaders Faces Court For Organising Freedom Rallies

Jan 14, 2023 | Activism, Covid-19, Events, Law/Legal, Politics

Nacho, a fellow brother in arms whom I stood shoulder to shoulder with a megaphone in hand leading the marches throughout 2021/22 was brutally arrested after a peaceful protest in April 2021.

A group of police mob handedly pounced on him, I still have the image of it happening clear in my mind.

His court case starts on Monday, if any of you can get down there to give support it would be greatly appreciated.

I know many of you reading this would have been present at some of the incredible marches that took place.

It was a tiny team of people, myself and Nacho included that was responsible for the organisation of the rallies and this is the risk we were taking to fight for the people.

If you can make it to show some support it would be awesome!

The trial is due to commence on Monday 16th January 9:45am January at Southwark crown court.

Big love to Nacho, and good luck. 

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