Everyone can bring themselves to having a better general thought flow, in this article you will learn how to just do that.

Our state of mind has an impact on everything in our life. It creates the reality we experience. This is a blessing and a curse, depending on what you are thinking about day to day!

If you haven’t spent any time nurturing the garden of your mind, something or someone else has. When we where children we absorbed everything around us, for better or worse. This gets compounded throughout life if we do nothing to work on ourselves.

Because of the attempts by certain groups within humanity to try and control the rest, much of the programming currently residing in the minds of a lot of people has its origins from sources that are deliberately putting out negative and limiting beliefs into the public consciousness so that they can benefit from us not tapping into our true power.

I am going to assume you are already awake and already know about a lot of this. It would be quite the honour if it so happens to be this article that wakes you up!

Otherwise if you are one of our cute innocent normies without a clue, you’ve probably taken a wrong turn at the BBC somewhere and should return to your Shepard as soon as possible lest they start to worry about you.

Right, where were we?

Ah yes, so, evil forces trying to control us.

So when we understand that some of what we thought were our own plants in the garden of our mind, are actually weeds put there to deliberately steal resources from the good plants, it helps to put things in perspective.

To throw in a bit of science:

When we are young, are subconscious mind is really open. Over time it gets programmed, this has an impact on how the neural pathways in our brain get developed.

For example:

You pick up the belief that you are not worthy of love, whether it’s self-love or love from someone else. You start to have thoughts that originate from this belief, the pathways in your brain begin to connect and solidify, like a trench in the sand.

With every thought, the trench in the sand gets a bit deeper, the weed in your garden gets a bit bigger, the neural pathway in your brain gets stronger.

Over time, it takes absolutely no effort at all for you to think this thought because your brain has become optimised for negative thoughts.

Then the way you feel, think and act all reflects this belief, a lot of the time unconsciously.

Oh dear!

This is the current state for so much of humanity, so much so that a lot of people have accepted this to be the normal way to live and think.

Not the case!


Then the question is: how do we begin to have more positive thoughts?



First things first, we need awareness, so we can then do thought replacement.

How do we get awareness?

From my 11 years experimenting with spiritual evolution and personal development, the best way I have found to develop more awareness is body scan meditation. I do teach people this or you can find a recording here.

This technique specifically is the bread and butter for developing awareness. With awareness you can then progress to begin to understand and become aware of your thoughts.

You start to notice what your general day to day patterns are like, when you get really good, the very moment you have a negative thought, you can counter it.

Now, to be 100% aware all of the time is challenging and not realistic long term, what is far better is to reprogram your mind so it is naturally thinking positive thoughts.

With awareness you can catch yourself when you think a negative thought and INSTANTLY counter it.


This digs the trench in the sand in the other direction, with the thoughts you want



Over time, the flow of energy in your mind will go towards the deepest ‘trench’, the vitamins and minerals in your garden go to the plant you are nurturing and the starvation of the big ugly weed begins.

Over time the other trench will disappear, the weed will die, and your neural pathway will be reprogrammed. Now, this can take time, it depends on how far and how strongly you have been going in the wrong direction.

That weed in your garden could have grown to the size of a massive tree by the time you started to starve it of nutrition.

Nevertheless, with persistence, you will see results. It is often at this initial transition phase that people like to seek out mentorship. I am here for everyone who is serious about wanting to spiritually evolve and become a better person.

We can also look at a lot more and go beyond just having more positive thinking.


The progression towards more positive thoughts is this:



It’s a belief for some people that its easier for the mind to think negative thoughts. This is only true if it has been programmed this way.

The opposite is true and we can reprogram ourself in any way we want.

Another great tool in the tool box is affirmations.

You can learn more about them here and if you are ready to go deeper and become a master of positively programming yourself, affirmations mastery, the comprehensive guide to all things affirmations will take you there. More information here.

What do you choose?

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