Apart from perhaps some corners of the ocean, the outer world of this planet has been explored.

Maybe not by you, and still can be fun for you personally to see these places.

But someone, somewhere, has already explored and documented the area.

So where is there new to explore now in this day and age?

Where can we find the excitement of new discoveries?

Well, other than space, its the internal world.

We have material survival covered and thus access to free time to spend time dedicated to exploration of the internal world.

This includes kool shit like psychic powers…

I truly believe we can unlock powers WAY beyond what is currently accepted as possible for humanity.

Perhaps the timing has to be right so that we are collectively morally developed enough to be able to handle them.

Maybe that time is coming, how would we know?

Who would be the first person to bring psychic powers into the collective consciousness?

Is it you?

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