Hello and welcome to your hub for personal development and spiritual evolution.

I’m Travis Cook, Holistic Coach, V-Logger, Personal Trainer, and Spiritual Guide. Author of The Modern Warrior and host of the Open One Podcast and the Vibes with T.Cook Live stream. Taking you on a journey throughout all spectrums of personal development and spiritual evolution.

I love creating content for the community. I am a prolific poster. Telegram and Instagram are the best ways to connect with what I do. If you are a truther seeker, personal developer, seeking spiritual knowledge, then the content I post and create will be of service to you.


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Increase your energy, boost your mind and get fit with this free exercise video.

Travis from Open1 has a passion for exercising and wishes to share it with the community in the hopes to inspire others to take up their own exercise routine and improve their life. The more energy we have, the more good we can do in the world.

Self care is the key to effective long term action and we at open1 take enjoyment from being a part off helping people in their own personal development journey. Hence why this new section of the site has been created!

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