About Travis Cook

Hi 👋

I’m Travis, and I am here to help humanity evolve.

I was once a homeless, drug addicted, drug dealer.

I have since completely turned my life around.

I found God in my own way with spirituality,  figured out my purpose many years ago and dedicated my life to the fulfilment of it.

Happy you could make it.

Check out all the kool shit I’m doing with words and the internet.

Like the Open One Podcast, life coaching, affirmations, meditation, social media, The Modern Warrior, and so much more.

My personal development journey began over a decade ago.

I’ve seen things.

Also learnt a bit along the way.

Get the full picture with this 34 minute video.

I can teach you meditation via 1-1 sessions or we can look at a complete life overhaul with spiritual evolution coaching or digital nomad coaching, depending on where you are at.

See you around.

Hear my story

At Open1 we believe change comes from within first, and then once we are at a good enough state of being, a high enough level of consciousness, then the actions and choices we make to help others will come from a more aligned place and have greater positive lasting impacts.

If you would like to get involved with Open1, email info@traviscook.uk

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