With the western medicine model, many seeking treatment for illness are left between a rock and hard place. If you, like me, do not agree with the chemical man made pill for everything solution, then perhaps the so-called ‘alternative’ healing or medicine is something to explore.

I am not sure how the name alternative came around, seeing as many of these practices and the bulk of the knowledge has been around for 100’s of years already. With the megalithic monopoly of pharmaceuticals only being a modern phenomenon.

Ironically, based on out-dated perceptions of the body and reality, stemming from ideas such as Newtonian physics, which was surpassed by Quantum physics. Biology and medicine in the mainstream has yet to catch up with these new developments in science.

The mainstream medicine still bases the treatment and cause of illness solely on the physical body, completely disregarding that we are more than just mechanical machines. When in fact we are electromagnetic beings, with various layers of energetic bodies/systems operating within and throughout the physical body. Examples being, the etheric body, emotional body, astral body and the chakras.

Some examples of systems that work with the various energy bodies/systems are, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Meditation and Chakra Balancing. These 4 practices will be the methods I cover in this article.

For reference/study some other practices/methods are Crystal and Energy healing, Clairvoyant perception and removal of etheric parasites, Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Laying of the Hands, Aura Soma, and Sound Healing. There are many more out there, the ‘alternative’ healing world has incredible depth and variation to discover.

So much of our past/truth of our reality has been hidden from us with the operators of the Matrix Control System benefitting greatly from this suppressed knowledge.

It is up to individual to have a deep desire to seek the truth of our reality. This is not always an easy task, for if one is to step up to the plate and do the sincere self work, one must be ready for a long journey and the resulting paradigm shifting growing pains that accomplish such a path.

When we begin to empower ourselves with conscious knowledge of our body, how it works, and how we can treat and heal ourselves, we are in a stronger standing point to be able to deal with the challenges facing the current world stage.

We are microcosms of the earth’s macrocosm; the work we do on ourselves has a passive effect on the whole organism. Affecting not just the vibration of the planet, but also the consciousness field of the human collective. We are all connected to each other.



New Age Fallacies


From my own research and experience I feel it is imperative to make aware the blatant and dangerous half-truths and disinformation that accompanies much of the watered down spirituality, known as the ‘new age’.

Here I am talking about such lines of thought/reasoning such as, we are one, all you need is love, go with the flow, focus on love and light, and everything will be good, don’t ever look at or acknowledge the dark and so on. Whilst the new age puts on the rose tinted glasses, walks around in a delusionary world, dreams to be awake whilst actually falling more spiritually asleep.

The intentions of these people may be good but this does not let them off the hook, so to speak, as the old saying goes ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’. A large part of the problem here is an over estimation of one spiritual evolutionary state, and a complete disregard to deal with problems, anything negatively orientated or ‘bad vibes’.

Other common logical fallacies are:

  1. That by thinking negative thoughts, or experiencing negative emotions you are lowering yourself to the vibrations that will attract more of the same via an incredibly watered down version of the Law of Attraction.
  2. That you should only do what you feel like, disregarding the intellect and completely operating from the heart or right brain.
  3. Everything is exactly as it should be and everything that happens to you is a result of your own karma or by not adhering strongly enough to the watered down law of attraction principles.

Whilst the true reality is something more like this:

  1. Experiencing negativity, does temporarily lower your vibes, however if used correctly negative emotions can be used in a positive way, for example righteous anger can be incredibly important in standing up for unjust causes or situations in life. Or feeling sadness and crying can be a huge emotional release. Guilt about un noble actions can result in a desire to change. Jealousy can teach you about yourself and serve as a reference point to remove subconscious programming.

What is to be avoided in unnecessary dwelling on such negativity as this can result in a lowering of the immune system, mental health and so on. But suppressing or completely avoiding such emotions is far worse in the long run. One can only go so far on the path towards awakening without having to confront their own shadow; we must not be scared of the darkness.

  1. The intellect is not something to be thrown away in preference to the heart, rather both are to be trained in parallel and brought to perfection. Doing personal research can broaden ones perspective on the world and become a form of protection from being aware of certain possibilities, traps, attacks that can only operate due to being completely ignorant of their existence. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

That being said there is only so far that logic and ‘head stuff’ can get you without delving into the wisdom of the body, intuition and embodied experience. The half-truth lies in only developing one side of your capabilities, when both are developed we fulfil our full potential.

But say for example, you can look at a cake, smell a cake, read about how tasty it is, have a friend tell you how tasty it is, but until you have an embodied experience of eating and tasting the cake, you will never truly know how tasty the cake is.

A more complex esoteric example would be, researching quantum physics and coming to the conclusion everything is energy and we are all one, having a realisation of the oneness of it all, having a friend mention how the had an experience of the oneness, say perhaps in a meditation. But without truly experiencing the creator/god/oneness within yourself you will not embody the knowledge. This may not be a requisite for spiritual evolution and for sure only happens to people when they are ready and deserving for such an experience.

This was mentioned to give at-least half credit to the ‘new age’ as it based on half truths and the half of the truth that is true should not be thrown out, as that would be akin to making the same mistake. Individual discernment is the key to filtering out the fluff.

  1. The law of karma has also been incredibly watered down and is far more complex than what has been nit picked from eastern religions. If you are in need of a lesson to be learned, karma can step in and make you experience the resulting negative effects of what you caused another to experience. But also if you are to learn the lesson beforehand you can short circuit karma by raising your evolutionary level to one that does not require such a lesson.

For positive experiences, again you do reap what you sow to a degree, however if your motives stem from the frame of mind that you will be repaid for your good deeds, are you truly acting out your higher good for another, or are you conducting trade, using the universe as a cosmic merchant?

Also if we are to say that everything is how it should be, that all the experiences of mass suffering on the planet throughout humanity are simply results of his or her karma, this can lead to a horrifically passive acceptance of the horrors facing many on the world stage. The true reality of what is happening on earth is far more complex than is spewed out by the mainstream institutions.

It would be wise to not get too emotionally invested into the negatives of the matrix as this does provide welcoming food for the negative beings, but rather a mature, knowledge-full approach is required. As from a higher perspective all there is, is lessons and the darkness provides the catalyst/friction for the light to grow from.

As for the Law of Attraction, you can find more on this topic here, here, and here.




There are many different sources that suggest that humans are capable of seeing and experiencing reality beyond the normal scope of the 5 physical senses. If we take into account the fact that our eyes and ears only grasp about 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, then we begin to understand how limited perception is.

It has been proposed in some Qi Gong literature I have studied, along with various other researches, healers and scientists work that what we would now call extra sensory perception, or clairvoyance. Is a natural stepping-stone in the evolution of the human. There are other seemingly superhuman abilities I have heard about, however in this article I will only focus on clairvoyance.

Some sources that reference extra sensory perception include:
Carlos Castaneda – Any Book
Rudolf Steiner – How To Know Higher Worlds
Barbara Ann Brennan – Hands Of Light
James Redfield – Celestine Prophecy
Dr. Pang Ming – Paranormal Abilities
Theun Mares – Return Of The Warriors
Tom Montalk – 3 Part Video Series

A basic technique which is proposed in the Celestine prophecy, by James Redfield as well as in the Hands Of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan. Is where you have both of your index fingers pointing towards each other, a few inches apart and about a foot in front of your face, over a white background. Relax your eyes and look in-between your fingers. After a little practice, most people are able to see a feint outline, which is the very beginning of seeing the aura. After much dedication and practice, from what I have discussed with other people and have researched, it is possible to be able to see the whole aura of a human being. I also believe it is tied in with the etheric energy levels of a person, again relating to ones personal vibration.

The implications of this are pretty huge, just for the example of being able to treat and diagnose illness. What if we did not need a machine to be able to look into the body? Say for example, we could just look within a persons body and see that the kidneys are not functioning properly, the way their aura is shaped looks as if that perhaps they are overworked from too much caffeine, alcohol or stress. A simple diagnosis of a diet and lifestyle change would be administered, without the need of intrusive, extensive and sometimes expensive tests to be done. Another example could be that we could see that perhaps someone’s heart chakra is not functioning correctly and is blocked or underactive, and if left untreated will eventually manifest in a physical disease, a diagnosis of this kind would be more on an emotional, mental and spiritual level and could even tie into child hood wounding of not receiving enough love during early development. The human body is vastly complex and the combinations of problems and cures and huge in number. But just the two that I have mentioned speak volumes for how effective this evolutionary trait could be for humanity. What uses could you think for having this ability?

A non healing example could be say, again as a pure guess and example, that, when someone of malicious intent is trying to con or swindle someone else by putting on a charming snake like salesmen approach, their aura emanates these colours or vibrations that are unmistakable of someone with negative intentions.

Imagine what this would do to politicians that pretty much rely on this mask of caring for the people, when in reality they do not care at all and are solely in it for the betterment of themselves and their peers. This alone would completely change the entire system we are living in.

I cannot speak from first hand experience of having being able to see beyond the normal range of perception without the use of psychedelics. I do believe that what is happening when one takes psychedelics, is that, pathways of access to information that are dormant in mundane consciousness are suddenly opened and we have access to tremendous amounts of information that we did not previously. Why I am mentioning this is because, perhaps we are able to, with control and caution, open these same or similar pathways, but whilst being completely sober. If I ever do experience anything that correlates to extra sensory perception I will for sure write about it in depth. For now I am merely approaching this at an intellectual level, not an experiential level. (Apart from briefly seeing the outline of my fingers and small, dashing particles noticed when looking at the sky for extended durations, mentioned in the Hands Of Light book).




“The key paradigm for moving towards radiant health is ‘natural living
and holistic healing’. This is based on lifestyle and healing methods that
lead us towards attaining harmony with our biological, social, and
spiritual nature. ‘Holistic healing’ means improving all levels and
aspects of our being while moving towards achieving greater harmony
in our day-to-day life.” ~ Walter Last

I am just starting out on my personal journey of becoming a healer, specialising in energy work. Much like becoming a doctor in western medicine, this takes a lot of dedication, learning and skill development. A comprehensive understanding of the human being is required. Covering the full scope of physical and mental body to the energy/spiritual/emotional bodies.

Of course this is something that will take a long time to be at an understanding where I would feel comfortable to work on someone else. Also this path ties in nicely with working on the self and raising ones vibration. As being a healer, one can only heal parts of other in which they are healthy themselves, this relates to chakras as well. Trying to heal when you are sick would be like washing a plate with dirty hands, you would clear something, only to replace it with your own dirt. In addition, the healer must be able to channel and hold the higher frequencies in their body, and at the very least requires having a higher personal vibration than the patient. But for more effective results, a very high personal vibration is best, with all the chakras opened and balanced.

“One needs spiritual as well as technical training, we must pass through self-initiated tests that challenge the weak parts of ones personality and develop ones creative focus, longing and intent.” ~ Barbara Ann Brennan – Hands Of Light

I just recently had treatment f­­rom a professional healer who balanced, activated and re-aligned all of my chakras along with some aura soma bottle colour psychology, sound healing and a small scent ceremony. We also delved deep into subconscious programming, my life mission, child hood wounding and more. The whole procedure took 3.5 hours. She also mentioned how a lot of her work is about opening the chakras to the ever-abundant life giving energy of the sun.

I highly recommend if you get the opportunity to partake in some healing along these lines. I feel amazing for having this experience and have heard many incredible stories relating to such treatment, including treating cancer. For the sake of privacy I shall refer to her as “the healer”.

One such story involved this 4.5-year-old girl who had been through 20+ chemotherapy treatments and had been given 2 weeks to live. What was odd/interesting was the young child throughout this whole procedure had never cried over the treatment even though this was some serious treatment happening.

Her parents in their desperation where willing to try anything, and being 2 university lecturers they were very sceptical about any alternative medicine treatments, nevertheless they where open to trying something different.

They came to the same healer who I had seen; she worked on the girl for about 30 minutes as she couldn’t complete the full treatment due to her restlessness.

When leaving the healer mentioned how she may have some release in the form of crying. The parents of course having seen their daughter trooper on through so much before didn’t think anything like that was going to happen.

The appointment finished about 12pm and at 9:30 pm the healer received a call saying how their daughter had been crying almost nonstop the whole day and they couldn’t even get her to sleep. She was releasing mass trauma.

After this, the healer proceeded to work on the child every 2 weeks after 4 months the hospital, surprised she was even alive proceeded with the x ray scans… and found absolutely no cancer in the childs body.

The healer continued with the treatment, I am not sure for how long, but now she has a picture on her table of a beautiful 21-year-old girl who is looking healthy as ever and this is the young girl from her story. I was amazed when I heard this story and it speaks wonders for what this kind of treatment can do. I am writing about this to perhaps help inspire others of the possibilities of healing the body energetically, as western medicine is very limited in treatments and cures, most of which seem to cause more problems then they solve.

I must also advocate that the seeker practice discernment when seeking healing, as I have had 3 separate sessions before with all 3 being pretty pointless, 2 didn’t seem to know what they where doing which was not all their own fault but their ignorance and over estimation of their own abilities does not cover their good intentions. 1 was an outright scam. It is people like these who build up a discredit towards these healing practices, but know there are true professional practitioners out there.

With the western medicine model of health care failing to address so many key issues, one being how we are more than just physical creatures, but electromagnetic beings. It is no surprise that more and more people are turning to so called “alternative” medicine methods. An example that one can easily research is kirlian photography. This is where the auras of plants and humans has been photographed with special cameras.

The whole concept of human beings being electromagnetic creatures is in fact very scientific, with nuclear physicists writing books on the subject, one such being Barbara Brennan – Hands of light.

Also Dr.bruce Lipton has a great book called Biology of belief, which goes into detail how the mind can affect the body, and what causes illness. Relating to how we are electromagnetic beings, and our auras are interacting with all of the people we come into contact with.

The truth of how our bodies operate is there for us to find, we just have to be open to step away from the mainstream consensus of how our bodies operate.

Stepping away from the mainstream in many ways can be very beneficial however of course not all is to be gotten away with, for sure if we break our leg or have some other purely physical trauma then western medicine is surely the way to go. You will not see me doing qi gong on a finger I have just cut off my hand, I will put that puppy on ice and get to a hospital asap!

It can be refreshing to hear a different perspective, especially in a world where so many people get their information from such limited and controlled sources. It was a big reason I created this website so as to provide an alternative to the same old stories being regurgitated on the mainstream media stage. If you have any experiences that are related to what I have covered in this article, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me, as I am very keen to hear all perspectives and experiences on this topic.


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