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In this episode I break down how I believe we win.

This comes from 11+ years in this fight and seeing what works, what doesn’t and why certain movements failed or weren’t as effective as they could have been.


– How we win long term
– What to do to create the better world
– The benefits of being on the good guys side
– Our enemies win when a truther is black pilled
– Why our compliance is how they win
– The occult side of this war
– Unlocking our power
– Collective reality creation
– Passive vs active reality creation
– Utilising the higher metaphysical side of our armoury
– We are reality creating all the time
– The evolved elite
– You chose to come here, time to remember
– The role of evil
– You don’t need religion to connect to God
– The maharishi effect
– The more one of us evolve, the more all of us evolve

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