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What are you doing to positively influence the world? Have you found your purpose? Are you waking up with excitement or dread? What is the most important thing for you in this life? If you want to live in a better more free world you almost certainly were a part of the activist movement in the past 2.5 years. You are of the elite of this world who cannot be controlled, cannot be forced to comply. It will be you, the rebellious, intelligent, sectors of the population who will need to continue to lead the way for the future of humanity. To win this in the long term, we will need power, money, and influence.

We are not finished yet, the job is not complete and evil still has far too much power. Eradication of evil, is it possible? Is it necessary? Hard to say without getting incredibly philosophical, especially when it seems we need to experience suffering to know the true value of joy, to experience scarcity to know the true value of abundance. Perhaps a true victory for freedom loving people is on the horizon, or those who choose true spiritual, financial freedom will be granted it, if they earn it and work for it.

Once I was in a life coaching call with a man who lived in Qatar as a plastic surgeon. He had an interesting story about how very rich parents gave their children everything financially and because of this, they didn’t appreciate it and they had no appreciation of the luxury they lived In. His work was very unfulfilling for him to be doing plastic surgery on ungrateful ‘rich kids’.

This is not an uncommon story, and many of us intrinsically know this. However perhaps still you haven’t yet come to the understanding that your scarcity, if you are experiencing it, is actually a blessing in disguise. When ultimately the reason for our existence is spiritual evolution, materiality is not as important. At least developing the soul should be a priority before turning towards accumulating power, money and influence.

What sometimes happens in the minds of those embarking on the spiritual path though is that the material world itself is completely rejected and any amassing of power, money, and influence is seen to be evil.

No, its just that an evil person becomes more effective at being evil if they have money, power, influence. But guess what? The exact same is true in the opposite direction!

Money, power, influence are amplifiers, if you are evil you will become more evil, if you are good, you will become more good! The trick is to maintain your chosen path of evolution. Unless you are evil of course, come switch over to the light!

You see the ability to serve others is tied to how evolved we are. You reading this I assume are someone who has chosen to be on the good side of humanity, great! We are needed now more than ever because things are accelerating and there may only be a limited amount of time before things reach a real crescendo point.

Hard to say exactly though and doomsday predictions have been going around since, well, forever! The past 2.5 years though have shown how quickly things can change and a part of me feels like we ain’t done yet.

Spiritual evolution is our highest calling. Once we have chosen our path of evolution, things like power, money, influence can help us become more effective at what we are doing. On the positive side, to be more deserving of increased money, power, influence, we will be put through trials and initiations, tests and challenges which will mould our character and prove ourselves to the universe to be someone deserving to wield the mighty sword of divine power.

You ask yourself, but how am I tested? I don’t remember sitting down for an exam for 2 hrs with God watching me to check I am answering correctly and not cheating?

Well, you are in the exam room, right now. You’ve been here since you were born. Tests have been flying into your reality this whole time. Have you been a good student? Are you acting in integrity, doing what you know in your heart to be right? Or are you trying to ‘get away’ with certain things that are against your path with a heart because, nobody is watching, nobody has found out? Are you trying to manipulate, scam, con your way through life?

God is watching. Its not some old man with a big beard up in the sky. That’s probably just how humans have archetypically grown to understand God, as some judgemental father figure. It makes sense. As the species evolves, our understanding of reality and God evolves. God is a being of vast infinite wisdom and power, that is everywhere and inside of us.

In my opinion when describing God it begets the perhaps only justified usage of a gender neural term, I refer to God as ‘it’ instead of he. Take some time to contemplate this, it makes sense.

In the UK, Christianity is pretty dead in my generation and this is kind of a good thing in that much of Christianity is old, out dated and a lot of it has been twisted into manipulating people instead of serving their highest nature. What good can come from guilt tripping to the maximum, living a life of fear based actions and getting people to believe that God is not within them? Not much. Good way to get people to loose self love and become better slaves though.

The breaking away from the old is good in that it can leave room for a higher spirituality to be developed as people reject former ways of thinking and acting. The danger lies in people rejecting God completely and descending into hedonism, physicality and atheism.

Without a continual moral frame work that holds the collective consciousness together, people without guidance and a strong foundation get lost in moral relativism. Not knowing up from down and going against the divine framework in this world.

No wonder many end up lost and suffering endlessly, I couldn’t imagine not living a life in accordance with God if I am someone who is actually a good person at heart. Must be one a hell of a mess on the inside.

We need a moral compass to navigate this world. The matrix is always there, waiting, just hoping people will become despondent, lazy, and tilt towards its way of being.

Nothing pleases the dark forces more than trapping a good person in its clutches. It’s very easy to betray peoples trust, to sell out others for our own gain, to sink down spiritually. It can happen really fast and often gives short term results. Yet for anyone pure of heart, this will yield long term pain.

The whole reason for being here is even amongst spiritually difficult conditions, we choose to rise up, to go towards the light, to develop and grow the spiritual muscles that come from dealing with suffering. This can take time and the results may not be ‘seen’ for a while, there is reason for this though. You have to prove you are a good person who deserves to wield power, money, influence.

When we have gone through enough testing, evolution and have proven that we have a character that has been moulded into someone deserving of great power, influence, money, then the conditions of life will automatically begin to show this.

Naturally someone on this path of evolution will be productive, energetic, creative, action taking and will be moving towards the creative and fruitful pursuits that will create a world of abundance for them. The inner world and outer world are closely linked!

Will freedom loving people have a true victory? Or will this reality become a timeline split in of itself with the most evolved on either polarity reaping the benefits of abundance and the vast swathes in the middle succumbing to poverty and slavery? Let’s see, I hold hope either way. I will never give up until either we completely win, or death decides this round of the game called earth is over.



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