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Article contents:

– The war on men
– Masculinity & emotions
– 2nd wave feminism
– Sex & relationships
– What does it mean to be a man?
– What brings men a sense of fulfilment
– Why suicide is such a problem for young men
– Why the matrix is scared of strong men
– The highest rated values for men
– How to evolve masculinity in the modern world
– The difference between a stud and a slut
– And more!

Let’s get started with an absolute gem of a quote:

“I always think of [testosterone] as a toxin that you have to slowly work out of your system,”

~ James Cameron

What the fuck? So, to be fair James is embedded deep into Pedowood, sorry, Hollywood. Perhaps his handlers or those who control his mind told him to say that. To come to this conclusion yourself would be quite impressive.

At what point in the natural development of a man does one turn around and think, ah, I wish I was less of a man? Is that really a healthy attitude that we should reinforce and accept? Or is it something to be looked at? Does it come from the inside or is it societal programming? Perhaps it comes from not properly nurturing what it means to be a man and providing initiations into manhood?

What actually makes a man, a man? What defines healthy masculinity? All this and more will be covered in this article as I do my part to fight for men and masculinity.

Being out of touch with one’s self and wishing that they were in a different body to me would be classed as a mental problem stemming from being out of touch with their own body and a lack of a deep self-love. The being is disconnected from themselves, nature and reality.

Being a man is awesome, when you get it right. No doubt the conditions of this world are stacked up against men. The matrix is expending all available ammunition to try take out its biggest threat.

A driven, strong, determined, pissed off man with fire in his belly, a mission to complete, and a clear target to aim at. This terrifies the enemies of a free humanity.

Now, more than ever, men must step up to the plate and lead, provide, protect and fight.

We don’t need to fight each other, we must work together. The greater enemy at hand is the soul crushing matrix that if left unchecked would gladly enslave the entire population of the human race.

Who will stand its way? Strong men, that’s who. Men with high testosterone levels are hard to control. They are ferocious. When we get the mind on side as well as doing all the basics of self-care such as exercising, eating right and having a serious sense of purpose, we are unstoppable.

A solid morning routine of affirmations, meditation, stretching, working out and a decent breakfast and boom you are ready to take on the day. Simple to do lists help. You can check out my exercise routine I do nearly every day here.

By far though the biggest motivator is the perspective that we are in war. It’s 5th dimensional warfare. The population at large doesn’t know it’s being attacked. Those with eyes to see see it clearly. The matrix is coming at us from all angles but that also leaves it vulnerable.

If the good men of this world stand up and become as strong as they can be, the matrix has no chance. There are so many of us. Then there is a great deal more men that if shown leadership, given guidance, could easily be trained and recruited to be on side.

We need everyone capable of awakening, woken up and got up to speed as quickly as possible then given a purpose and direction for them to take up metaphysical arms against the matrix.

You all saw that bullshit Gillete commercial right? That cost the company a lot of money. When you understand the psychopaths game, when you attain a certain level of wealth, money becomes uninteresting, the pursuit is POWER.

How do you gain and maintain power? You crush any resistance to your control. How to do that? When you look at psychology and how to manipulate large groups of people, getting people confused about their own sexuality, identity and relationship to the world is one brilliant tactic in terms of demoralisation and confusion.

The weird anti men advert may have been a financial loss but who knows how much damage was done to the male consciousness. Thankfully many a man and woman called out the absolute absurdity. This is the matrix expending ammunition. Can’t do that too often or lose too much money and reputation but that for sure was a big attack on men.

Something that is hard to look at but is a good indication on the collective pain being suffered by people is suicide rates.

The number one cause of death for men aged under 45 in the UK is suicide.

For the past 20 years men have been killing themselves at 3-4 times the rate at which women kill themselves in England and Wales.

Suicide rates in England and Wales

I have witnessed it in my own life, I have had 2 friends kill themselves and both of them were men, both younger than me. No woman friends or any woman I knew going through school has killed themselves. The situation is sad, yes. Not without a solution though.

Men NEED role models, they need strong men around them. Even strong men benefit greatly from the company of other strong men.

You are hugely affected by the 5 people you spend the most time with. In the digital world this could be extended to the 5 people whose content you consume the most.

Here is another example of the agenda against men.

The United Nations doesn’t recognise international men’s day. However, it has four days dedicated to women.

There is for example:

Ending Female Genital Mutilation by 2030 day.

Now I am not against the cause, but why is there not the equivalent for men?

The UN states:
“Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve altering or injuring the female genitalia for non-medical reasons and is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights, the health and the integrity of girls and women.

Girls who undergo female genital mutilation face short-term complications such as severe pain, shock, excessive bleeding, infections, and difficulty in passing urine, as well as long-term consequences for their sexual and reproductive health and mental health.”

Again undoubtedly all true, but what about circumcision?

You could replace the word Female with male and girls for boys and the exact same thing would be true. No mention of this from the UN though.

Why is it not simply “Ending human genital mutilation by 2030?”

Surely this makes more sense.

Unless of course the agenda is to be anti-men as much as possible, then it makes more sense.

Those on the awakening journey known all too well about the deep state and the shadow government. The UN is a part of that. To us it is no surprise they would clearly have a bias against men.

How about this, an article from The Washington Post doesn’t even try and hide it!

It's ok to hate men?

Check this out for an all-out blatant attack on men!

“So men, if you really are #WithUs and would like us to not hate you for all the millennia of woe you have produced and benefited from, start with this: Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power. We got this. And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you. You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy. It is long past time to play hard for Team Feminism. And win.”
~ Suzanna Danuta Walters

Right? Because men on the whole have had a cruisy, easy time of it all in the past 1000’s of years?

Never mind all that fighting in war, all that back breaking bread winning manual labour, never mind all of the sacrifices made to provide.

Then forget about the entire modern world around us that was in huge part created by smart intelligent men dedicating themselves to their craft and creating all the poverty alleviating inventions and systems we see around us.

Sure, corruption is still present and the current world isn’t perfect. If you live in the west though, your life today has been DRAMATICALLY improved by all these supposed ‘toxic’ men that were driven with purpose.

It’s kind of ironic that they very conditions for this hate filled woman to write the article have been created by brilliant men.

'Male privilege'

Here’s a picture of the ‘male privilege’ experienced by hard working men in Britain’s coal mines.

Now why on earth weren’t woman complaining and fighting tooth and nail to go join men in the coal mines!?

Could it be they were far happier being provided for and taking care of the home and children whilst the men went and did back breaking labour like this?


What Does It Mean To Be A Man?


Raewyn Connell is a sociologist who questions what it means to be a man.

Raewyn states that what it means to be a man is completely determined by his environment and the men/boys around him. Never mind nature and biology.

To a degree this makes sense. The first blindingly obvious question, is why have men over the many years in our history chosen to behave and act in such a way that it passes on from man to boy.

Why have qualities of masculinity naturally evolved throughout our history?

Why would our forefathers have chosen to respect, align with and evolve qualities such as Valour, honour, chivalry, leadership?

Could it be that these qualities over the years have been refined and sought to be the ideals of man?

Raewyn argues that because the bar is set to high of what is expected to be a man that it results in a negative effect because some men can’t make the grade so it causes them to tap into domination by force to get what they want.

The solution here requires understanding the human condition. We have a long way to go, we have much evolution to do, and we are far from perfect.

Is really the solution to not having some men reach the ultimate destination of what it means to be a man to lower the ideals, or even worse, completely destroy them and have weak effeminate men?

In the long run this is hugely destructive and even woman want a strong man to be her provider, how can a woman feel safe, secure, with a man that is unable to protect and provide for her?

A man is at his best when:

– He realises his life purpose
– He can be comfortable being alone
– He has overcome negative societal programming
– Has become valuable to society
– Knows how to handle woman and has relationship skills
– Has developed a set of values to live by
– Has become physically strong
– Embodies the qualities of integrity, honesty, honour, leadership, assertiveness, proactivity, spontaneity

A man is happiest when he is working!

The Harry’s Masculinity report sheds some great light on what makes men tick. This survey was carried out on men in the UK in 2017.

“In the Summer of 2017, researchers from the psychology department of University College London, led by Dr John Barry and co-written by Martin Daubney, conducted an

academic survey, in conjunction with Harry’s, to identify the values and priorities of British men and the factors which contribute to their emotional, physical and mental health and wellbeing.

In a comprehensive survey of 2000+ male respondents were asked about their core values, lives, careers, work/life balance, relationships, money and physicality.

Who do they aspire to be? What values do men hold dear? What gives them the greatest sense of positivity? That survey, the biggest-ever academic study of its kind, became the Harry’s Masculinity Report.


“The good news is we discovered that, to their eternal credit, British men aspire to hold commendable, selfless values, such as honesty, dependability and reliability. The most positive British men proved to be defined by hard work, were in committed relationships, valued their health and loved their friends. British men also tend to get more positive as they age, which gives hope for us all.”


“The strongest predictor of a positive mindset in men – by far – is secure and satisfying employment. Men who have high job satisfaction are very likely to be content in other aspects of their life.”

UK men's values

~ Harrys Masculinity Report

Being honest is the most important thing for men in the UK. What an amazing statistic. How can you not be proud to be a man when you read that? The divine principles of integrity and honesty is still being held in the minds of the men in these lands.


Masculinity and emotions


When we ponder for a moment why the classic stereotypical man had to be stoic and strong in all situations when in public. Well, weak men would bring down the tribe/morale/strength of armies.

Imagine you are part of King Harold’s army, marching 185 Miles in 4 days to then go and fight the battle of Hastings. A battle in which you may very well die. However, the consequences of not doing this gruelling march would be the loss of your way of life and everything you hold dear.

Now you’ve got Jerry who on the 3rd day starts complaining that his feet hurt.

How do you think the other troops are going to react to this? What is the correct reaction in this moment? Should the whole army stop, wait for Jerry’s feet to stop hurting and then continue on marching? Even if doing so would have them lose the advantage of the battle?

I think you can now see from just this one example why any feelings of weakness had to be quashed lest it bring down the whole army. However, although a war in many ways is still happening, it’s true that men’s emotions are often forgotten about or the belief is they should never be shown. Especially in our modern world, extreme stoicism can be harmful.

We need to grow, learn and evolve from the ways of old. Take the best parts and grow into new ways of thinking, living.

“Our masculine culture, in which men find it hard to admit to vulnerabilities, has led to many boys and men coming to harm.

The Harry’s Masculinity Report proves the importance of traditional gender role models for good reason: it works for the majority of men. We need to respect that. Traditional masculine values are not lightweight stereotypes but important archetypes that can be reworked in a modern society.

For example the male need to be strong can be reworked so as to include help-seeking as a strength – if you seek help you are being a man; you are taking action and taking control. We don’t have to change masculinity any more than we ever had to change femininity. We just have to expand our sense of what a man can be but not undermine masculinity itself. The Harry’s Masculinity Report shows men are more willing to talk. Now it is our responsibility to listen.”
~ Harrys Masculinity Report


I like how the writers in the report frame how to evolve what it means to be masculine. We have to be careful to not make men weak but careful considered reframing of what it means to be a man without taking away the core, integral, crucial aspects of masculinity is clever.

This is different to having it be the norm for men to be weak, lazy or effeminate. This takes into consideration that strength is important for men it’s just how we define being strong.

We should strive to do as much work on ourselves as we can, to develop our being to its highest potential and try solve as much as our own problems as we can. With this though, no man is an island. We are made to work together, humans flourish when collaborating.

Truth be told, It does take strength to ask for help when you need it, the ego must be sublimated and transcended.

What doesn’t take strength is indulging in matrix programming, being lazy, bad eating habits and a terrible lifestyle in general which has an impact on your mind and how the hormones in your body function to the point where you are not generating healthy levels of testosterone and are completely confused on the actual way to live as a man!

2nd wave feminism


Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for woman’s rights. The first wave of feminism seemed to be onto a good thing and elevated woman to be closer to the standing of men with voting rights and so on. However, this latest wave of feminism seems to have lost touch with what its original roots were.

This latest push seems to coincide with the attack on men to try and get women to be the leaders in business, relationships and family life, essentially trying to get them to become men. Most of the hardcore feminists I have met were closer to men than embodying feminine qualities.

The funny thing is though, even feminists want strong men.

Feminists want strong men!

“Recently, a friend of mine was talking about how much she needs to have strong men in her life. Masculine. Powerful. Financially successful. She likes to date men like that and likes to be surrounded by them, in general. Not exclusively, of course. She just wants them to be a regular presence in her life.


“I need that,” she told me. “As a woman, I need that. Sometimes, I need to feel protected. I want to be able to just let go. I want to be able to let him hold me, keep the world at bay for just a few minutes. I need them to share their knowledge with me. I want to ask them questions and get their advice so I can sharpen my money skills and the other things that men are encouraged to do in this culture that women are not. I need them to empower me to do that.”
~ Yael Wolfe

In the natural order of things I believe the healthiest balance is one where men lead and woman support, in nearly all scenarios.

This would then play into both strengths of the sexes. No wonder so many men are suffering from weak mental health and succumbing to suicide. If men are not leading, in charge and showing the way, if they try and become accustomed to being led by woman then they will never be truly satisfied. Neither will the woman because deep down woman want to be led by a strong man.

Woman feel safe when in the presence of strong masculine energies and this allows them to tap into their feminine side easier and both parties are satisfied and happy.


Sex and relationships


What in your mind do you think would make a man happiest in his relationships with women? Do you think that sleeping around with multiple woman leaves him the happiest?

Your preconceptions of what it means to be a happy man sexually and in relationships would be accurate if they were that men are happiest when in a committed relationship or marriage. How about that?

“After work, by far the biggest determiner of men’s positivity was being in a relationship, and, in general, the more committed men were, the greater their general sense of overall wellbeing.

Married men (and those in civil partnerships) were the most positive, followed by those co-habiting. The least positive of all were single men, with the youngest the most affected. Single men felt less positive about life than even divorcées or widowers.

Furthermore, romance was considered important or very important to a staggering 90.4% of British men overall, placing it above friendship (84.4%). Men aged 30-39 deemed romance the most important (93.5% deeming it very important or important). This seems to shatter the myth of the British man as emotionally-detached and commitment-phobic, and disproves the myth that men are happiest while indulging in a self-centred “laddish,” promiscuous lifestyle.“
~ Harrys Masculinity Report


So even though the data says men are happiest when in a committed relationship, it is still worth mentioning the differences between a man sleeping around a woman doing it.

We have the choice on our sexuality and it is true in the modern world with access to everyone we do live in a great time of abundance and I invite everyone to explore their sexuality and find what works for them.

With this there is still more to pick apart with the belief systems being thrown around. One is why it is actually more of an achievement if a man has had sex with many women, even though we have just seen the data that the greatest happiness comes from a committed relationship. This is still a noteworthy and taboo topic to cover. Because of its politically incorrect nature, I feel compelled to write about it.

Difference between slut and stud.

What does it take for a man to be a stud and have the attraction of many woman?

Firstly there is the aesthetics. A healthy life greatly helps this. Things like height which can’t be changed will easily be trumped if a man has his life in order, dresses right, talks confidently and is successful.


– Works out
– Takes care of himself
– Financially secure
– Drives
– Has own place
– Confident
– Good job
– Has the attraction of many women

What does it take for a woman to be a slut?

Not much. Considering most men will have sex with whoever lets them, if you are a woman who lets anyone have sex with them, it takes little to no effort!

The classic quote is:
A key that opens many locks is a master key, a lock that is opened by any key is not a great lock.

Perhaps basic self-care, dressing nicely, can make it easier or help attract higher value men. Essentially though, it’s FAR easier for a woman to sleep around than a man UNLESS you are a man in the top 20% of all men. Then it’s easy. But what does it take to be a man in the top 20% of men?

Now we can begin to see why there IS a difference between a slut and a stud. Why one is actually kind of respectable in as much as it would have taken work, effort and intelligence to achieve, whilst the other doesn’t take much effort at all.

I think there is a natural place in a person’s development to be completely care free with their sexuality and explore. However, most people begin to find that aimlessly sleeping around with multiple partners and not developing a deep intimate connection with any of them is shallow and unfulfilling. Factor into this anyone who does spirituality to a high degree and then there’s a whole extra ball game to consider when talking energy exchanges.

Men and women should be totally free to express their sexuality as they so choose. Sexuality and its attacks from the matrix are a whole subject on its own. Much deliberate confusion, suppression, weirdly combined with an over representation has led to a lot of pain regarding sexuality.

Let’s look at how men and women rate the attractiveness of the other to get a better understanding of what I am talking about:

How men & women rate attractiveness

This is woman speaking themselves on that most men are not attractive for them and we’ve just covered what it means for a man to make it in that top %. Whereas the other way around is more balanced and woman have an easier time winning the attraction of men even if they are not in the top 20% of woman.

In some ways it’s good that everything in how our ancestors lived is being challenged. There is much we have to gain for evolving and growing as a species. However, there are some things we can keep. We don’t have to do away with everything. Then also as we begin to experiment with different ways to live there will for sure be mistakes and then we learn, grow and develop better ways to live.

“Men who valued traditional gender roles for men and women were more likely to have a positive mindset than other men.”
~ Harrys Masculinity Report




We need strong men, the matrix is scared of them. Our very success as a species to achieve freedom lies on the shoulders of great men to lead the way and woman to support, love and fight with them.

Strength as a masculine ideal is already set but tweaks here and there in an intelligent way would surely benefit everyone. Creating the space and culture where its ok for men to cry, but it’s not ok for them to be lazy and create a life that is worth crying about.

Laziness must not be tolerated, weakness is different vulnerability. Everyone wants strong men to lead the way, even the feminists. So, let’s do everything we can to create a culture that respects men and gives them room to be the best providers, fathers and leaders.

If we can crack the code of what it means to be a masculine man in an abundant world we truly could create a society worthy of admiration and that our children would gladly inherit. Otherwise the situation looks bleak if the matrix can destroy what it means to be a man and masculinity.

I won’t stop fighting until I am dead so either way my job satisfaction will always be high. A free world is an amazing thing to help create. I invite every reader, man or woman, to do their part in creating better men and a better world.


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