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This is such a brilliant question, because truly, nobody knows.

However, I believe I have figured it out 😉 for the purpose of this article I will write with confidence as if I know.

Well, at least, I have come to the best perspective possible on what happens when we die. It makes the most sense, its empowering, it gives meaning and purpose to life, it helps solve some of the mysteries of the world and I have actually experienced this once on an Amanita Muscaria experience, you can watch my video I did explaining what I went through and also read my write up here.


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So, what happens when we die?


The first thing that happens when we die is that we experience our previous life. We will go through every thought, feeling, emotion. Negative and positive. This is where the saying life flashing before my eyes comes from. It literally does.

Imagine how people would act if they knew that the pain they inflict on another, they will re experience upon death?

That would make it too easy though, right? As this place is a gym for the soul, spiritual evolution being the curriculum.

This means that people have to consciously chose to be good from a higher place rather than fear. At least, this is the more evolved perspective.

Much of religious teaching in the past was hugely fear based. I do partially understand why such teachings were propagated.

Keeping people in check is difficult, I imagine it’s even harder when they can barely read or write and are only a bit above animals in their development.

Today though, no excuse. We have the worlds information at our fingertips and more free time than ever before to digest and accumulate it.

Many choose to waste their time though, their choice.


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The flip side of this though is that every positive though, feeling, action that you experience in this life, all of the genuine service, joy, happiness you bring to people and yourself and your soul is re-experienced.

That’s a nice thought. Again, this is hidden away, what good is doing good if you are only doing good to feel good when you die? Doing good has to come from a sincere place.

For the savvy seeker though the mysteries of this world are there to be discovered.

After your life flashes before your eyes, then you go into a serious review of everything you experienced. Speaking with God or other friendly entities.


Then you plan your next life!


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That’s if you need to come back to this planet, to this density.

My belief system on what happens when we die is a mish mash of many spiritual texts I have read, wise people I have had the privilege to speak to as well as what I have come to from deep contemplation.

The Law of One has given the greatest insight into my belief structure on what happens when we die. The outline there makes the most sense.

Pulling together reincarnation with ascension. That it’s not endless lives on the same planet, or just one fleeting one and then off to the next density. No, it’s learn the lessons here on this level of reality. Select your chosen polarity, service to self, or service to others and then become polarised to whatever your choice is.

Once you are evolved enough in a certain direction, you qualify for graduation and then you will live out your chosen path in the next density where everything is way more intense.

This is brilliant for a number of reasons.

Firstly it gives rise to why evil exists, why elite evil exists and why evil is necessary. It also lays the foundation for a greater understanding of karma. Why would evil get karma for being evil when it has chosen to be evil? Good people being evil get karma to help them become better good people. Anyway, this article is on death and reincarnation, karma is another subject for another time.

It also makes sense because for me reincarnation makes the most sense in terms of what happens here. It gives an explanation to why some people are fucking stupid and others are super geniuses. Some souls have had vastly more lives as a human, some are having their first experiences as a human.

Then with this it helps explain why some people have insane talents that they are born with.

There is another concept tied in with all of this that I find absolutely fascinating.


We choose our parents before we incarnate.


Oh, didn’t mean to scare you there, but yes, I believe you chose the parents you have!

I know the first thought you are probably thinking, especially if you are awake and your parents are not.


Yes, you chose them, at least if you are at the soul level where you have gone beyond the collective human soul (NPC) and are now at the individuated state.


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Think about it.


If what I said earlier is true, and you were nodding your head in agreement that we go through a life review of our previous life and then we plan our next.

What did you think was happening in that planning stage?

You were looking at what lessons you still need to extract from this 3rd density experience. You would then hunt around and see what family has the conditions necessary for your spiritual evolution.

Funnily enough, a lot of peoples spiritual evolution doesn’t require them to be born into a billionaire bloodline, shocker really. Although I imagine the children of Billionaires have their own spiritual lessons to learn…

If spiritual evolution is the name of the game, and we also have karma to work through from previous lives, then we would select the family that will bring us the lessons we NEED. Before incarnating we would see this is exactly what we want and even though the suffering could be huge, if we learn that damn lesson this time, then its totally worth it.

Another thing is, there is only 8 billion people on the planet. This means there is only a limited amount of babies being born to choose from.

You see a baby soon to be born into a family that is a great match for what you want to learn but you can also see you will develop a funny lisp and you will have a sensitivity to full moons, neither are in your criteria for learning but the family is a financially poor one and lessons of scarcity are exactly what your soul desires. It’s say, a 9/10 match, not perfect but good enough so you go for it.

What do you think happens when we die? 

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In episode 30 of the Open One Podcast I also covered what I think happens when we die, skip to the 30m mark to hear my thoughts.

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