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Life is a profound and wondrous journey, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Life offers countless opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution, if we only can acquire the perspectives to get maximum utilisation of this world.


Step in, spiritual evolution.


Can you imagine having such an uplifting vibe coupled with huge energy levels that your friends, family are all elevated by your presence, listening to you and treating you with the respect you deserve?

I know the fucking system does a great job of trying to bring people down, the good people in this world are bearing the brunt of the greatest attack on the consciousness of humanity.

Its a daily battle, fought in the minds of everyone!


How do we win?


The only way is up.

Great minds have done tremendous work to elevate humanity and we can draw from their wisdom to apply it into our daily lives to achieve a maximised life.

2 great wise men are David Hawkins and Rupert Sheldrake, their work compliments each other, let’s unpack their theories a bit.

David Hawkins, a renowned spiritual teacher and author, introduced the concept of a “map of consciousness,” which measures the vibrational frequency of emotions and states of consciousness.

According to Hawkins, higher levels of consciousness, such as love, joy, and peace, have a positive and uplifting effect on the collective consciousness.

When individuals embody these elevated states, their presence and actions radiate positivity and inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect that can elevate the entire human race.

Rupert Sheldrake, a prominent biologist and researcher, proposed the theory of morphogenetic fields, which suggests that there are collective fields of information that shape the behavior and development of individuals within a species.

These fields, he argues, contain a collective memory that influences the patterns and potentials of all living systems.

When individuals undergo spiritual evolution, they tap into these morphogenetic fields and contribute to their expansion and refinement.

As more individuals awaken to their true nature and embody higher states of consciousness, they create a resonance within the morphogenetic fields that influences others to access these states more easily.

This phenomenon leads to the emergence of a more enlightened, compassionate, and harmonious society.

Put simply, when one person does something, solves a problem, it makes it easier for everyone else dealing with this problem on unseen energetic levels.

Combine these 2 perspectives and we are left with this empowering gem:


When I evolve, humanity evolves


As individuals spiritually evolve and embody higher levels of consciousness, they experience a myriad of transformative benefits.

They develop a deep sense of inner peace, contentment, and purpose.

They become more attuned to their intuition and make choices aligned with their authentic selves.

They cultivate harmonious relationships, exhibit greater compassion and empathy, and actively contribute to the well-being of others and the planet.

What happens eventually is we develop what I call homeostasis, where when left with the basics all covered and in good order, no matter what happens, given time alone we come back to a positive healthy baseline vibe.

Like a lighthouse to lead our mental/emotional spiritual ships to shore, our vibe acts as an anchor where we can ultimately always return to.

It doesn’t stop there though with the benefits of spiritual evolution!

Those who undergo spiritual evolution enjoy heightened creativity, expanded awareness, and a deepened connection to God. They gain a broader perspective on life’s challenges and embrace them as opportunities for growth and transformation.

So what are you waiting for, your highest life is ready for you to evolve into!

I am here for anyone looking to take their life to the next level and engage in serious spiritual evolution or launch a business to serve humanity.


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