Have you ever looked upon the world and wondered, wtf?

How did we end up in this situation, what went wrong?

If you have ever had this thought, then you may have had the next logical thought for anyone who has a good heart and wants to see a better world.

What can I do?

You may wish to create a better world because you are concerned for your children, born or not yet born.

You might even withhold having children all together because you think the world is too fucked up.

Well, someone has to have children!

Lest the entire species disappear off the face of the planet.

I get you though, it seems like a real fucked up place right now.

In many ways it is, but has it really been any better in the past?

Could it be we are actually living in the best times of recorded human history?

Perhaps that it is the best time, for those that are ready willing and deserving to experience such a timeline.

To get to experiencing the best this world has to offer, we evolve ourselves to this position.

It worked for me.

10 years ago I was a homeless drug addicted drug dealer.

Now I live a life of maximum freedom, on my terms, drug addiction free, working on causes that align with my heart, whilst I travel the world.

I know you might not be interested in the digital nomad lifestyle, but I bet you would be fulfilled living to your highest potential, working on causes that light you up on the inside.

If I can do it building from absolute rock bottom, so can you.




Living your path with a heart is a big part of spiritual evolution.


Spiritual evolution is how we solve the problems of humanity long term, it is how we can lift up the entire race.

Sure, activism plays its part.

Learning about the system and how it’s a debt slavery machine is useful.

But ultimately, without better people, from the grass roots up, nothing will fundamentally change.

To create a better society, we need better people, to get better people, we need spiritual evolution.

We need to become aware of ourselves, turn the gaze inward, clear the darkness within and then, we will collectively clear the darkness externally.

Once you’ve done a good chunk of work on yourself and created a nice cocoon of good vibes in your aura, then we can turn towards finding our gifts, our passion, our true calling.

With an open heart be can follow our path with a heart and when we achieve harmony in a line of work that helps people, we enjoy, and it makes money, then we are truly on to a winner.

When enough people do this, with a high vibe, courage in their soul and determination in their minds, we will see a better world.

It starts with you, and you start with a decision.

Will you take advantage of the greatest time in human history to have an impact on the future of the entire human race?

Or are you ok with accepting the life path our enemies have laid out!?

I think I know your answer.

I found my gifts, and I can help you find yours.

Whether you need to get yourself in order to then be in a good place to help others, or you are ready to launch into a heart aligned cause but are lacking direction or don’t know where to start, I am here for you.

You can reach out at any time and schedule a free call with me and we can see if working together is a good fit.

This is how we can, together, change your life and then scale it up to positively influencing everything and everyone.

What do you choose?

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