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Affirmations can help:

  • Create better habits
  • Tackle limiting beliefs
  • Improve productivity
  • Decrease reactivity to negativity
  • Overcome addictions
  • Increase energy levels
  • Create a better reality for ourself
  • Manifest/attract new opportunities

And more!

If you are looking to increase your energy levels, I created a meditation/affirmation/prayer package just for this!

I have had great success with affirmations and they are a very useful way to better our life. There are best practices when using them and knowledge of self is always a bonus so we don’t end up reinforcing our lower ego or even unwittingly dabbling with ‘black magic’.

This article will cover my experience with affirmations and the best ways to use them.

If you prefer listening/watching, here is a video!


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What are affirmations?


Affirmations are interesting. Reprogramming the subconscious mind. There’s definitely a bit more to them then is often put out there and you’ve got to be careful, like exactly where your affirmations are coming from. Are you actually serving your lower self and trying to get something that might hinder your spiritual evolution or your progression in life? You’ve got to be careful with that!

Knowledge of self is very important. If you’ve done a bit of work on yourself and you have found something that you think you want, that serves your higher self and you want to utilise your reality creation abilities, affirmations can help tap into the huge power that is your subconscious mind. One of the tools in the toolbox!

Affirmations are words/phrases that affirm something.

An example is:

I love myself.

When saying this, either out loud or in your mind, pause after and actually FEEL the love you have for yourself.

Another example:

I am abundant.

Feel what the vibration of abundance feels like, if you are in scarcity at the time of using affirmations of abundance, no problem! Visualise in your mind and feel what it would be like to actually have that abundance right then and now. What would you say, how would you act?

Mindlessly repeating the affirmation with no feeling behind it will produce lesser results. Tapping into the incredible power behind emotion unlocks the true potential of affirmations.

If there is no feeling behind it, no worries you’ve got some practicing to do. Loving one’s self is truly a powerful thing that not enough of us practice.

Affirmations must be said with confidence, felt with certainty that whatever you are wanting to change has either already happened, or without fail, will happen in the future. Programming the mind for success coupled with positive action is using all our tools. The benefits of progressing spiritually!


It’s all in the belief!


I’ve had great experience with this and I remember once when I first started getting into it and reading about it many years ago. I was also getting into the work of Doctor Bruce Lipton and reprogramming the subconscious mind and how the beliefs we have affects many things. Including your biology. The way your body functions is affected by your mental beliefs that are held often in the subconscious!

Then it’s a question of how do we actually tap into that power that is our subconscious mind because that is what is responsible for most of our thinking. Unless you’re aware 100% of the day, which I think is pretty damn impossible. You can be aware a lot more of the parts of the day if you do a lot of meditation and you’ve engaged in a lot of self work, raising your vibes and developing parts of your being.

Whilst awareness and meditation are very useful. It’s more economical in a way, if you can reprogram your subconscious mind to be in the background working for you and not be working against you.


Transcend the childhood trauma


Because what happens when we’re kids is we’re like these sponges that just absorb everything around us.

Belief systems that mold into our subconscious when at a young age can just stay there forever if you don’t do anything about it. As for pretty much everybody, I believe it’s pretty fucking traumatic being a kid. You can unfortunately learn what your parents have learned about reality, for better or for worse.

A lot of what our parents have learned might not be the best way to go about life. We could then pick up things that maybe not even our parents imprint onto us, but we just learned ourself through interacting with them or the world or society. Especially look at TV and the conditioning that that puts out there. It’s mind boggling how much TV a lot of kids watch, and I know I used to watch quite a lot when I was really young. So that shit can get stuck in there and can give you a false perception of reality. If you don’t do anything when you’re a bit older about these subconscious beliefs, it can really sabotage you in ways that It looks like you’re just doing it to yourself.

This is really fascinating and something that I’m still working through and going through myself, even being on the personal development path for 10 years.

There’s still more and more to discover until someone is, I guess, enlightened, whatever the fuck that means.


I changed my reality by changing my thoughts!


When first getting into this I experimented for a month with changing my views and beliefs on money and abundance. Then I pretty much forgot about what I was manifesting. Then reality, or my subconscious mind in the background, was pulling these experiences and opportunities in and I achieved what I wanted to manifest, better than expected!

New ways to make money just came flowing towards me in a really easy way. Of course I still had to take action, do things, and at the time I was completely sober, taking good care of myself. A good continous base line vibe helps with reality creation.

No matter how much manifesting/affirmations you do, if you are abusing your body too much and living in a toxic way which causes you to have negative thoughts as a result then affirmations can only do so much. A holistic approach is always the best way. This is why my coaching is holistic.

I do think there could be power with doing certain things for longer. Like if you are dedicated on a certain goal that might be one or two years away and you have affirmations related to that and you do them every day,  that’s going to be pretty fucking solid, but there is room for experimentation here.

The most powerful time to do affirmations is in the morning or when you’re going to sleep when your mind is in that trance like state. I do believe you are more in touch with your subconscious during this time. Affirm your affirmations with intent, with emotion and feel what it is you’re trying to achieve or change and get yourself into that emotional state and just be confident what you’re doing.

If you’re not confident about affirmations and you want to try how they work, learn about them, and read about the subconscious mind. Reading this article was a great start if you were completely new to the subject. From here read Bruce Lipton’s work and get behind the belief that you can change your subconscious mind and that is a really positive thing to do when you find a good belief that you want.

Get in your mind and if you notice yourself self sabotaging or there’s these patterns in your life, do some psychological evaluation, free writing can help, figure out these parts of your life or your mind that you’d like to change. What are your limiting beliefs? How are you holding yourself back? Find what your limiting beliefs are  and then find the counter affirmation to them. This could be one way to sort out some of your problems. It might not solve everything for everyone, but there will be some things in your reality, in your in your evolution and spiritual journey that you can improve with affirmations.

Good luck out there to anybody affirming what they want in their reality!

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Affirmation Extra’s

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