Energy Boost Meditation, Affirmations, And Power Prayer Package

Energy boost program with 8 separate audio files. You will receive a guided meditation, breath work technique, power prayer, info audio and dedicated affirmations in powerful and calm mode.





8 audio files!

  • Info audio file describing practice
  • 15 minute guided meditation and powerful power affirmations
  • 15 minute guided meditation and calm power affirmations
  • 20 minute guided meditation and powerful power affirmations
  • 20 minute guided meditation and calm power affirmations
  • 10 minute powerful power affirmations
  • 11 minute calm power affirmations
  • 2 Minute Power Prayer


How does it work?


By utilising the combination of breath work, meditation, affirmation and prayer this technique will not only have you be gathering energy from an infinite source all around us but will also program your mind into thinking, and more importantly, believing in a more positively orientated way. A truly powerful energy boost meditation, affirmation & prayer combination.

The shorter versions of the guided meditation and the affirmation combination are designed if you are looking to be as time efficient as possible.

The longer versions have increased affirmations at the end if you have the time and want to make the most of your brain being in a relaxed state and get the most positive programming into your mind.

The affirmations also come in a stand alone file if you wanted to listen to them on their own without the meditation beforehand. Experiment and find what works best.

Everything else is explained in the audio info file.


Why use this package?


10 years ago I started meditating, trying out so many different methods from all over the world with much success with a lot of perhaps wasted time on techniques that weren't hugely effective. Now I create meditations which combine the best of my knowledge and experience to safe you time, effort, money.

This package is designed to increase your energy levels and up level your personal power!


Who would benefit from this package?


Want to escape the clutches of the matrix and start working on a new business, personal development program or have more energy to spend with your friends and family after a long days work?

This is the program for you. Quick, effective, and as good a shot of caffeine for an energy boost. The great thing is that after you have purchased the program the source of energy is infinite and the more you practice and utilise this method, the better the results. The opposite of building up a tolerance to caffeine and needing more and more of it to feel the effects, this method works in reverse. The more you use it, the better the results!

It's simple and can be learnt instantly, the package contains everything you will need to get into it straight away. Including an information video to guide you through the technique.

Understanding how time is precious for us in the modern world and we are moving at a fast pace I specifically created this to assist with peoples energy levels in the fastest most efficient way.

If you were to combine this with my efficient exercise routine, you really would be onto a winner. Again these sources of energy are free and compound the more they are done. There is no limit to the energy that can be tapped into via an energy boost meditation!

Any questions or feedback email:

Happy meditating!


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