You Just Woke Up, Now What? The Ultimate Seekers Guide To The Journey Of Awakening – Full Course

Is this you?

– Recently woke up and have an insatiable desire to learn

– Having trouble finding trust worthy sources of information

– Struggling to relate to the normies now you see the world differently

– Caught up in endless rabbit holes

– Curious to see the benefits this awakening journey brings

– Bored of the black pilled doom and gloom take on things

– Perhaps you are a veteran in the awakening scene but looking to fine tune your perspectives…

Thank the good in this world that you have been guided to this course

Because when you embark on this journey with me you will:

✅ Satisfy that itch for knowledge (at least for a while)

✅ Not only get access to useful knowledge you can trust, but be able to discern future sources of information

✅ Develop the knowledge and understanding to raise your vibe to find your tribe

✅ Unlock the wonderful benefits that come to all sincere seekers

✅ Build an impenetrable vibe shield to grant immunity from the doom and gloom mentality so common in the truther movement

✅ Level up your ability to detect bullshit so the enemies psychological warfare has no effect on you.


What are you waiting for?

You Just Woke Up is the seekers best friend in this information war. 

Cheaper than the last nice meal you ate at your favourite restaurant last week and with vastly greater returns of your investment.

See you on the other side friends.


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Because I love you awakened lot so much, in fact, my entire life is dedicated to you guys and doing what I can to help you, I have included THREE EXTRA FREE bonuses.

You will receive the best in class book to dismantle The Climate Con, The Beginners Guide To The Climate Con. A book that breaks down a very complex part of the enemies agenda in such an easy to understand way that a child could understand it.

Then there is a recording of the best meditation practice for beginners and the technique that I have personally used the most, totalling hundreds and hundreds of hours over my journey, a simple body scan meditation. You will be able to get control of your mind and get in touch with your body with dedicated practice of this technique. I should know, I have done both.

And finally, to entertain your mind as well as pass on some gems along the way, you will get access to E-Book version of The Modern Warrior. An insightful short novel that wraps up spiritual truth in story and is loosely based on my life, at least in the beginning. Anyone who enjoys the work of Carlos Castaneda will love this book. His writings, along with many others, served as great inspiration for the creation of The Modern Warrior.

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Body Scan Meditation
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