Feel your body, train your mind, feed your soul.

Awareness based meditations are the bread and butter for spiritual development.

At 16 minutes this meditation will introduce you to the world of body scanning.

Body Scan Meditation


This meditation will improve:

– Attention span
– Body awareness
– Mental focus
– Energy levels
– Resilience to stress

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This body scan meditation is perfect for beginners looking to take their meditation practice seriously.

Awareness based meditations are different to other guided meditations, like my free heart opening meditation which is soft, with music and is for relaxing, de-stressing and feeling good.

This meditation is work. No music, this is the real deal of meditation, like taking your mind to the gym.

Your efforts will be rewarded though as this meditation can increase your attention span, heighten energy  levels, develop awareness, improve focus, and put you in better touch with your body.

What you put in, you get out.

You can use this recording to learn the technique then as soon as possible I recommend 'going solo' and practicing this, in silence, this is how we truly develop with this practice. Listening to the audio is akin to using stabilisers when riding a bike. Good to start off but then need to be taken off as soon as possible!


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