These meditations are for:

– Destressing
– Training your mind
– Increasing awareness
– Getting you in touch with your body
– Increasing quality of life
– Developing knowledge of self
– Increasing attention span
– Cultivating extra sensory abilities
– Developing love of self
– Building a connection to God
– Positively programming the mind

And more!


Paid Meditations

Body Scan Meditation

This meditation will improve:

– Attention span
– Body awareness
– Mental focus
– Energy levels
– Resilience to stress

Energy Boost Meditation, Affirmations, And Power Prayer Package

Energy boost program with 8 separate audio files. You will receive a guided meditation, breath work technique, power prayer, info audio and dedicated affirmations in powerful and calm mode.

Free Meditations

Free Children’s Body Scan Meditation

Download a free guided meditation exercise specifically designed for children.

Free Heart Opening Meditation

Download a free guided meditation exercise to open your heart and feel the love.

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